Engaging Student Learning with SAFARI Montage

By Tim Clark on Thu, 9/11/2014 at 11:01 am
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Tim Clark
Vice President of Learning Innovation, SAFARI Montage

 Post to this forum at least three suggestions for engaging student learning with SAFARI Montage.

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Jessica Law
METI, Fulton Co.

Students being producers of knowledge with an actual audience
Flipped teaching and learning

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Shaka Gore
Teacher, Fulton County Schools

Safari would help with differentiation especially in small groups.Connecting science to the real world BY showing videos. Being that video and media can be engaging, this will amplify the engagement by standard and not just a units or topics.

Shaka Gore

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Yazmin Hicks
Teacher/educator, Fulton County

I would use Safari:

1. To provide introductions as an anticipatory set for lessons
2. To serve as a resource for both student and teacher. Safari would be used as a center while students work on a project. Students could go back and and actually cite where they receved infromation from. This could be done at home or at school as well). I could monitor the students progress.
3. To aid in differentiatiation in all subjects. It also allows students to work at their own pace and holds them accountable for their learning.

Hicks, Yazmin

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Michelle Hall
Curriculum Support Teacher, Fulton County

1. Teachers and students can create playlists to personalize their learning.

2. Teachers and students can find resources based on content they are learning.

3. Videos can be used to hook the students at the beginning of the lesson.

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Kenyanee Releford
Teacher, Fulton Schools

Differentiate based on topic, readiness, and interests.
Assemble resources for students to use and attach permalink to portaportal.
View and make connections to what is happening in the world with real live streaming.

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Samantha Pike
Teacher, Fulton County Schools

As a second grade teacher, Safari Montage will be a very beneficial resource to use in creating my lesson plans. I can use it to find videos to introduce new subjects. I can find videos that review things we have already learned. I can use Safari Montage to play a video with an activity for the students to complete after at a center.

Sammi Pike

2nd Grade

Dunwoody Springs Elementary School

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Jimmy McMahan
Media and Educational Technology Instructor, Fulton County

It is a great resource for flipping instruction by providing relevant and interesting digital content that students can view outside the classroom setting and at their own pace. It also provides a forum for students to collaborate and communicate with each other through features like "View and Chat," as well as the ability to upload their own content. The video player allows for personalized learning by including features like closed captioning and playback speed adjustment.

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Donna Graham
Teacher, Bridgeport

Three suggestions for engaging student learning with SAFARI Montage:

1) During centers, students who are using computers can view assigned videos, and follow-up with a written response.
2) Students can use Safari Montage to supplement research on specific topics.
3) Teachers can access material from Safari Montage to support students who are visual learners.

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Casey Hall
Music Specialist, Fulton County School System

I'm excited to start using this in my classroom! It's great!

This could possibly help student engagement by:

1. Finding resources that are relevant to the subject matter
2. Using the resources to apply prior knowledge to new information
3. Creating playlists that are relevant to your classroom and student levels.

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Tamara Whitaker
Teacher, Fulton County Schools

Safari Montage can support student engagement by allowing teachers to "flip" their classrooms with ease, schools can create their own channels to share videos and information, and students can access an abundance of resouceful tools outside the classroom.

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Krista Brown
Instructional Coach, Fulton County Schools

1. Safari provides Standard Based Resources.
2. Teachers can create leveled based playlist for students (Providing personalized instruction)
3. Resources can be used as an extension to a lesson.

 Krista Davis-Brown, Ed.S

Instructional Coach

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Breanna Ghassemieh
CST, Fulton County Schools

Personalized Learning
Flipped Classroom Model
Support EL learners (slowing down videos, closed caption, etc.)

 Breanna Ghassemieh

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John Bartlett
Teacher, Fulton County

Link to videos (Nearpod)
QR Code link
Post assignment directly

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Hana Green
Teacher, Fulton County Schools

1.Would be extremely helpful for my ELL students! Would love to introduce them to this!
2.The platform allows for enhanced student learning and engagement with the use of videos and media.
3. Provides a great platform for students to personalize their studies.

Hana Green 

Woodland Middle School 

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M Hosmer
Teacher, Fulton County, GA

1. Flipping the classroom
2. Remediation/missing work/gaps in knowledge
3. Enrichment for gifted in the classroom

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M Hosmer
Teacher, Fulton County, GA

1. Flipping the classroom
2. Remediation/missing work/gaps in knowledge
3. Enrichment for gifted in the classroom

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Sigrunn Underwood
Curriculum Support Teacher, Fulton County Schools

Three ways that we can engage student learning with Safari Montage are:
1. Introduce New Content
2. Differentiation/Personalized Learning
3. Flipped Classroom

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Selena McNeill
METI, Fulton County

Three Ways to Engage Student Learning through Safari Montage
1. Playlist – teachers can individualize instruction by putting together multimedia files in order to customize one playlist to specific student curricular needs (differentiate instruction) and learning styles.
2. Search – the search options rather by subject or standard allows teachers to engage learning by giving students the option to how they want to gain knowledge on a specific standard, whether reading an ebook, website, video, etc.
3. The dashboard gives many options for active learning


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Amanda Mauldin
Teacher, FCBOE

The usefulness of Safari starts with being able to access the technology on non-school days. We are just coming off of a series of snow cancellations for Fulton, and this would be a great way to keep up with the schoolwork OR to provide additional remediation for those who need it. First, creating personalized playlists is a must. To truly engage the students, I would try to get a sense of the topics they are interested in and tailor their playlist to that. Secondly, the students can search for material they are interested in and drive their own learning. This is huge! Thirdly, high achieving students who are interested can empower their own learning by creating material for others to use and share. I think there are multiple possibilities for using this technology, so I'll definitely be finding a way to integrate it into my classroom in the future.

 Amanda Mauldin

HS Science Teacher

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Duane Wilson
METI, Fulton Couny Schools

1. Flipping the classroom
2. Differentiated Instruction
3. Live features are a big plus with the ability to record segments

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Darryl Paul
METI, Fulton County Schools

1. Lessons and playlists created by teachers can allow students to preview material in preparation for meaningful discussion with teachers and classmates.
2. Features available on videos such as closed captioning, subtitles, etc. allow for differentiation in lessons.
3. Students ability to upload products created for assignments will allow teachers easily access to student products as well as providing a platform through which students can view other students' products for collaboration purposes.

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Gray Griffith
METI, Fulton County

Safari Montage is such a a natural fit for personalized, differentiated learning.

It will be great for homework and Flipped Classroom models.

I love that the students have the ability to upload their own work. This will be wonderful for project based learning activities.

Gray Griffith
High Point METI

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Sarah Mantegna
Secondary ESOL Resource Teacher, Fulton

I envision Safari Montage as being very useful for English Learners. Teachers can direct their EL students to specific resources in order to 1) preview skills or concepts before a unit 2) allow students to revisit and reinforce their understanding of key concepts, vocabulary, etc during a unit 3) review material before an assessment. It can also be used to target discrete areas or skills for individual students, in order to tailor instruction and/or remediation to the student's needs.

 Sarah Mantegna

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Michele McInnish
Curriculum Support, Fulton

1. personalized learning
2. differentiated playlist (content, process and product)
3. standard specific resources

Michele McInnish, Curriculum Support, Fulton County Schools

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Lee Ann Senne
teacher, Fulton County

1. Remediation for students who need to hear or see the lesson again
2. Enrich those students who quickly get it and can go on.
3. Centers while the teacher works with small groups

Lee Ann Whitney Senne, Ed.S.
FCS Vanguard Team
National Board Certified

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Cheryl Corrigan
METI, Northwood Elementary School

1. Video content can be an engaging preparatory set for students beginning a unit of study.
2. Students can acquire knowledge independently, at their level, and then can create a way to share what they have learned.
3. Students can view playlists specifically chosen by their teacher to guide them thru an individualized curriculum.

Cheryl Corrigan