Interlacing Playback When Using the SAFARI Montage Digital Encoders at NTSC (480i) Resolution

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A SAFARI Montage encoder configured to stream at NTSC 480i output resolution results in noticeable interlacing during stream playback.


SAFARI Montage Digital Encoders set to an NTSC 480i profile are producing an interlaced stream, which, if required, must be deinterlaced via the client or player.


SAFARI Montage and the SAFARI Montage Media Player support the use of the SAFARI Montage Decoder, which provides a deinterlacing function to eliminate interlacing issues when streaming with a profile of NTSC 480i.

When installed, the SAFARI Montage Decoder is activated by default in SAFARI Montage version 5.4 and higher.

To install and activate deinterlacing, download and install the SAFARI Montage Decoder v4. The decoder must be installed on each workstation.

Once installed perform the following:

  1. Login to SAFARI Montage
  2. Launch the SAFARI Montage Media Player.
  3. Right click inside the media player and choose Technical Settings from the menu.
  4. Enable (check) the checkbox next to the Use SAFARI decoder.
    SAFARI Montage Media Player Technical Settings
  5. Close and restart the SAFARI Montage session.
  6. Playback the stream to verify deinterlacing is functioning correctly.

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