Adobe Flash 11.x and SAFARI Montage Live!

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After installing or upgrading to Adobe Flash 11.x, users may observe, for example, that when a presenter speaks, their video seems to stutter or the audio seems inconsistent.


Adobe recently announced a variety of issues related to their Adobe Flash Player 11.x.

As SAFARI Montage Live! (SML) relies on the Flash Player client as an integral component, even in a properly configured SML environment, some users may notice a quality level below that which is normal for SML when using the Adobe Flash Player 11.x.


In all cases where issues have been reported, the use of Adobe Flash Player 10.3 has eliminated the issue. Only if someone has noticed a lower quality level than is satisfactory, and is comfortable with doing so, would we recommend reverting to a previous version of Flash Player.

A special Flash player uninstaller is required as the standard uninstall might not completely remove registry entries and installing version 10.3 will not be possible.

The Adobe uninstaller for Windows can be found at

The Adobe uninstaller for MAC OS can be found at

Adobe Flash Player version 10.3 can be found in Adobe’s archive location at

Details about the process can be found at

Additional Information

It is important to note that SAFARI Montage Live! is still completely usable and, as stated, many users may not experience any issues. We wanted to advise you that we are following Adobe’s progress carefully and fully expect Adobe to resolve any issues with a release of an updated Flash Player that Adobe has announced will be delivered shortly.