New Quiz Format Needed

By Sean Murphy on Wed, 7/17/2013 at 10:44 am
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Sean Murphy
Science Instructor , OCPS

New Quiz Format Needed!

Are all quiz questions uploaded into Safari Montage in a PDF format? This format does not allow students to submit, receive instant feedback, and allow teachers to track student progress. In addition to not being able to submit quizzes, answers are provided for the students to see! When designing a submission type format for quizzes, it is important to also have a “grade book” available for students and teachers to access. PDF’s are great at providing information without giving students access to editing the material, however classrooms are moving towards digital curriculum and going paperless for obvious reasons.
Providing students more opportunities to actively interact with Safari Montage other than just passively watching videos will incentivize teachers to incorporate this website into their daily curriculum.

Sean Murphy

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Lori Griffin
Executive Editor, SAFARI Montage

Hi Sean,

SAFARI Montage Digital Curriculum Presenter (DCP) has an interactive component that allows for exactly what you are describing! Through a formative assessment feature called Get it? interactive assessments can be pre-created and embedded in digital lessons. Students can respond on mobile devices and teachers can see their responses instantaneously. They can then remediate on the spot, or assign Concept Reviews to students who did not answer accurately on the assessment. As an instructor at Orange County Public Schools I am pleased to say that you will have access to SAFARI Montage Digital Curriculum Presenter. Please talk to your SAFARI Montage administrator or your school administrator regarding the timing of OCPS's district roll-out of SAFARI Montage DCP.

P.S. The PDF quizzes you mentioned that are associated with the programs on SAFARI Montage are NOT available to students. When a student logs into SAFARI Montage, teacher only material, like quizzes are not accessible.