Closed Captioning Missing During Video Playback within SAFARI Montage

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SAFARI Montage Version(s)



When using SAFARI Montage Media Player (SMMP), closed captioning may exhibit the following problem:

  • Closed captions may be displayed incorrectly, omitting portions of closed captioning text.

    NOTE: Closed captions appear correctly when viewing the same title using either Apple® QuickTime® or Microsoft® Windows Media® Player.  



Customers should update the SMMP to the latest versions listed below.

  • Microsoft Windows® XP and Vista® – SMMP v4.0.12
  • Apple Mac® OS® X – SMMP v4.0.7

SAFARI Montage OS v4.0.31
The SAFARI Montage Media Player is available from Help > Browser and Plug-in Downloads or online at

SAFARI Montage OS v3.2.x – v4.0.30
The most resent version of the SAFARI Montage Media Player is available online at

NOTE: SMMP is backwards compatible with all versions of SAFARI Montage.

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