Digital Learning Day

By Gwen Smith on Tue, 2/21/2017
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Gwen Smith
Educational Technology & Learning Specialist, SAFARI Montage

February 23, 2017 marks the sixth annual Digital Learning Day #DLDay! With SAFARI Montage, you are well equipped to celebrate this special day. Here are our top ten ways to celebrate Digital Learning Day 2017 with SAFARI Montage:


  1. Start the day off with student led School News.  Have the hosts highlight the Digital Learning Day events that will happen in classrooms and around campus.
  2. Take a traditional lesson and make it a digital. Add teaching materials and interactive whiteboard files to the Learning Object Repository. Then, combine it with packaged content to create a playlist for classroom presentation.
  3. Teach a flipped lesson! Create a SAFARI Montage playlist for students to complete the night before class. Direct students to the playlist homework using the QR Code or Perm Link. Then, plan an in-class activity that applies what students learned from the playlist and further develops an understanding of the topic. Using our integration with Google Classroom or Canvas? Post the playlist as an assignment!
  4. Find digital learning objects that support your curriculum. Try a standards search for content or schedule time with your school’s Media Specialist to learn more about the content you have access to in SAFARI Montage and how it complements your curriculum.  Be sure to take a look at the OER and YouTube content added to your platform and how it plays in a classroom friendly way using the WebProxy to strip away the suggested videos and comments.  You can also add your own YouTube web links to take advantage of this feature! 
  5. Sharpen student digital literacy skills by conducting a SAFARI Montage scavenger hunt using mobile devices.
  6. Try out blending learning stations. Use SAFARI Montage QR codes at stations where students will view digital content and complete playlists.
  7. Use SAFARI Montage® Live! to video conference with another classroom celebrating Digital Learning Day. Invite a local Congressman to help raise awareness of how digital learning is shaping education.
  8. Practice digital collaboration by sharing resources with teachers using SAFARI Montage outside your district. Post and browse shared playlists on the SAFARI Montage HDNetwork Playlist Exchange and browse for digital learning objects on the Learning Object Repository Exchange.
  9. Host a Digital Curriculum Day session or Twitter Chat with your peers. Share how teachers are using SAFARI Montage to support a digital curriculum.
  10. Flip your PD! Begin a plan to use SAFARI Montage Live! to provide professional development on digital learning best practices to teaching in your school or district-wide.

Not ready for DLDay this year?  Start setting some goals for the next school year!  Here's a post to get you started using SAFARI Montage:  I will....use more digital content this year!

Have a very happy Digital Learning Day! Share how you are using SAFARI Montage to celebrate on Twitter: @JointheSAFARI