The SAFARI Montage LOR as the Foundation of a Learning Community

By Tim Clark on Thu, 1/19/2017
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Tim Clark
Vice President of Learning Innovation, SAFARI Montage

Digital Age CollaborationDuring the practice of the art and science of teaching, teachers are constantly engaged in designing resources to improve the learning experiences and achievement of their students. Depending on the culture of the school, teachers often share these lesson plans, ideas, and activities with the teachers next door or across the hall of the school building. This collaboration helps everyone focus on individual strengths, and students and teachers benefit from this shared expertise.

In the digital age, there are new opportunities for the sharing of learning resources beyond a school and into the global learning community. A maintainable avenue for developing and sharing educational resources is the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository or LOR. 


Consider the concept of a LOR as L - O - R - E, or the compilation of stories that compose the learning and activities of a culture. Lore in this context describes the stories that are passed down through generations to educate the subsequent young learners. Likewise, the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository – LOR – includes all of the resources developed within a school culture that have the potential to improve learning opportunities.

Learning Object RepositoryAt one time, the learning resources of a school were housed within media centers, but these resources were usually consolidated into unwieldy printed volumes of research books and materials. However, within a digital age LOR, resources can be granular and focused on particular nuggets of information that are easily accessible for students and teachers. Those instructional resources can even be combined in order to design a districtwide digital curriculum that is managed within the LOR.

Learning objects of this nature can engage students with stimulating digital video or interactive web-based activities. There is a significant difference between solely engaging students and providing learning objects that are delivered just in time to make an improvement to student learning. Those items can be identified as SMART learning objects and can be identified as the following: 

Smart Learning Objects are...

Smart Learning Objects

With the implementation of a Learning Object Repository of SMART learning objects, teachers can radically personalize the learning experiences of both teachers and students by providing the right resources just in time to make a difference. In this way, the LOR is the foundation of a sustainable learning community.


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Lori Griffin
Executive Editor, SAFARI Montage

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