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By Corey Appelbaum on Fri, 10/24/2014
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This teacher playlist is to help facilitate a lesson about the landmark Supreme Court case that helped bring an end to legalized segregation and integrate the classroom. 2014 commemorated the 60th anniversary of this ruling, which reversed the ruling from Plessy v Ferguson in 1896.

SS.912.A.5.10, SS.912.A.5.7, SS.912.A.6.15

Playlist Items

Title Packages Type Duration Producer
Hook! Packages Video 56 sec A&E
Intro: Brown v. Board of Education Packages Video 49 sec Ambrose Video
Comments: Pause for a question following
Fourteenth Amendment, The Packages PDF National Park Service
Comments: talk about the doc, which leads into segment about 14th Amendment
Introduction to Cases In Controversy: The 14th Amendment Packages Video 1 min 50 sec Vat19
In Brown v. Board of Education, the Warren Court determined that ''separate but equal'' was unconstitutional in the field of public education. Packages Video 1 min 33 sec Ambrose Video
Thurgood Marshall argued the Brown case Packages Image 5 sec IRC: History Pictures
1954: The U.S. Supreme Court decided the Brown v. the Board of Education case; it stated that segregation in schools was wrong. Packages Video 1 min 10 sec Schlessinger Media
Brown v. Board of Education CreationStation CreationStation
Bookmark of A historian explains that the decision of Brown versus the Board of Education was a milestone because it overturned the decision of Plessey versus Ferguson; conclusion to Freedom A History of US: Democracy and Struggles. Packages Video 46 sec PBS
Every Person Has a Story of Courage: The Little Rock Nine Packages PDF National Park Service
Comments: Didn't just end in 1954, the struggle continued to Arkansas and beyond
Brown v Board of Education at 60 and beyond? CreationStation CreationStation
Wrap up and closure Packages Video 28 sec A&E
Comments: Use to segue way to race relations today and open the floor to though-provoking questions and discussions
Civil Rights Themed Resource from the Library of Congress Packages URL Library of Congress
Comments: Added resources that can be used as enrichment or for students who want to take a deeper dive

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