Add to Any Playlist

By Gwen Smith on Tue, 12/20/2016
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Gwen Smith
Educational Technology & Learning Specialist, SAFARI Montage

 It’s happened to all of us. You’re watching a video on SAFARI Montage while working on a playlist when you realize there is a segment in the video that works perfectly for another playlist you’ve created. And there’s no easy way to add that segment to another playlist. Until now! We’ve enhanced playlists so that now it’s easy to add content to any of your playlists.

Now, when you click on the “add to playlist” button, a popup window will open and list all of your playlists. The active playlist will display at the top of the list but you can choose to add the content to any of your playlists! After making a selection, you’ll see a confirmation message. Close the confirmation window and continue working. It’s that easy.

 The popup window will list all of your playlists. If you’ve built a folder directory and organized your folders, browse through the folders on the left to locate a playlist.

There are a few other enhancements to playlist development that come with this. On your playlist, you’ll see two new options for each item you’ve added: move and copy.


These allow you to either move content from one playlist to another, or to copy content from the playlist to another playlist. This is especially helpful for copying custom bookmark segments you have created for use in other playlists. Clicking on either of these options will also open the popup window so you can select another playlist where you’d like the content to be moved.


For more details, refer to the New Feature Notes v6.4.50 - Playlist Enhancements.  

You may also want to refer to the updated Creating SAFARI Montage Playlists guide.

Happy playlist building!