The SAFARI Montage LOR

By Gwen Smith on Thu, 2/16/2017
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Gwen Smith
Educational Technology & Learning Specialist, SAFARI Montage

A Learning Object Repository, LOR, is one of the most important foundational components for digital teaching and learning. It’s where you store and manage your digital learning objects. And it provides a place to curate the best digital resources for curriculum and instruction to bring greater equity and sustainability across the district.

The SAFARI Montage LOR has been around for awhile now. You probably know it by it’s software module name: CreationStation. The last few years we have been busy adding new features and functionality to our LOR such as integrations with Google Suite for Education and LMSs like Canvas and Schoology so you can easily use your digital content where you need it!

As we continue to develop and add integrations to our LOR, we’re updating some of our terminology in the platform. You’ll start to see some of these changes in 2017. For example, the left navigation menu that once said CreationStation will now say Learning Object Repository. And your uploaded content will be associated with your district instead of the CreationStation publisher. If you used the advanced search filter “Publisher - Creation Station” you’ll now be able to find that under your district name, more clearly associating all of the curated learning objects in your LOR with your district!


When you update to SAFARI Montage v6.5 you’ll start to see these changes. You'll probably notice this at first on the Dashboard or when opening the iOS app.  The familiar pink CreationStation button on the Dashboard will be renamed to say "SAFARI Montage LOR Upload."

Learn more here: SAFARI Montage v6.5 LOR New Feature Notes

We’ll also see a change in the pink upload buttons on the dashboard and in the iOS app soon too. So stay tuned, we’ve got some other exciting updates coming soon!

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