What’s New in SAFARI Montage v6.5?

By Gwen Smith on Thu, 2/16/2017
Picture of member, Gwen Smith

Gwen Smith
Educational Technology & Learning Specialist, SAFARI Montage


  We’ve just released SAFARI Montage v6.5 and we’re excited about two new features that came directly from your requests.


Schoology & SAFARI Montage Integration
Our Interoperability Support Services (ISS) customers who use the Schoology LMS will now be able to integrate the two platforms. Once setup, you’ll be able to add content, playlists and lessons built in SAFARI Montage directly to your Schoology courses! Learn more here: Schoology & SAFARI Montage Integration!


SAFARI Montage Basics Online Training
All LOR and ISS customers will have access to free, basic training for SAFARI Montage. Not only is it a great resource to train new teachers, but it’s a great refresher course for teachers. This online training course takes about 2 hours and can be done in one or multiple sittings. Teachers can access the training anytime directly from the dashboard and will earn their SAFARI Montage Basics badge by completing the entire training! Learn more here: Introducing: SAFARI Montage Basics Online Training!