Join us at ASCD 2017: Stocking Google Classroom with Curated and Created Learning Objects

By SAFARI Montage on Mon, 3/13/2017
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Teachers have flocked to Google Classroom for managing the workflow of class assignments, calendar, notifications, announcements, quizzes, and more. Achieving personalized learning with these activities mandates a managed repository of robust digital resources utilizing a seamless integration with Google Classroom. Join the former Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Forsyth County Schools, GA and the Executive Director of Instruction, Technology, & Assessment at Walled Lake Consolidated Schools, MI to discover how the integration of Google Classroom with the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository can provide educators and students with federated search access to curated digital resources from educational publisher courseware, Open Educational Resources, including safe YouTube videos, user created Google Drive files, a video streaming library, Single Sign-On with many publishers and other interoperable resources.

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Dr. Tim Clark, Vice President of Learning Innovation, SAFARI Montage, West Conshohocken, PA




Mark Hess
, Executive Director of Instruction, Technology, & Assessment, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools, MI

Saturday, March 26  

Anaheim, CA
ACC, Level 2, Room 201B