DRM-How can users see what permissions they have to use media uploaded through CreationStation?

By Pam Slough on Mon, 11/8/2010 at 4:40 pm
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Pam Slough
Librarian, College Station ISD

When we upload 3rd-party content through CreationStation, we enter the copyright date and the DRM information. However, only the uploader and the SAFARI Montage administrators can see the DRM information entered in the Licensed Media tab. How are the users (teachers, students, parents) supposed to access the DRM information so that they can comply with the license/copyright requirements?

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Lori Griffin
Executive Editor, SAFARI Montage

You are correct Pam. That level of information is intended to be for district-level management. If you wanted to expose it to all users you would need to include it in the abstract. We haven't had the request to share this content with a more widespread user group before, but it is a good one. I will pass it on.