Customizing user access

By Pam Slough on Mon, 11/8/2010 at 4:58 pm
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Pam Slough
Librarian, College Station ISD

We have several vendors that will allow us to upload digital media to CreationStation but we need to be able to restrict access either to specific users (like a group of Algebra teachers) or to restrict access to a specific # of simultaneous users. Are there plans to allow these type of permissions in CreationStation?

Picture of member, Lori Griffin

Lori Griffin
Executive Editor, SAFARI Montage

As you know, currently you can restrict CreationStation content by defined user groups-- Student, Teacher, Teacher w/Upload and Admin. We do envision the ability to restrict content to more specific user groups in the upcoming release of Digital Curriculum Presenter. Watch for more information on that new module here and on