Picture of member, Tim Clark

Tim Clark
Vice President of Learning Innovation, SAFARI Montage

Citizenship for Personalized Learning

This post, written in collaboration with Diana Ryan, is part of a series about the Building Blocks for Personalized Learning. It is necessary to construct the building block of Citizenship within a classroom to better facilitate personalized learning. Although a personalized learning environment focuses on the needs and interests of individual students, how those students operate collectively as an entity of learners can influence and even determine what they are personally able to accomplish. Teachers can purposefully help students understand the rights and responsibilities of a digital citizen.

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A Common Humanity--Acceptance, Tolerance & Inclusion


Essential Question: What criteria are necessary to build a learning community that honors and respects all students?

Picture of member, Karen Conen

Karen Conen
SAFARI Montage Content Manager, SAFARI Montage

Election Day! November 5th

Help your students understand the democratic process and the importance of Election Day with engaging SAFARI Montage resources. From campaigning and debates to rallies and voting, Schlessinger Media’s Election Day explains the activities that precede Election Day as well as the different levels of public office elections along with the constitutional amendments that gave all groups of Americans the right to vote.

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