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A Common Humanity--Acceptance, Tolerance & Inclusion


Essential Question: What criteria are necessary to build a learning community that honors and respects all students?

Activity 5: Cries from Endangered Species

Activity 5: Cries from Endangered Species
Through the activities in this project, students will become aware of the issues facing specific endangered species and their habitat and use poetry to express their observations, opinions, and emotions about this important topic. The final project will be the creation of a poem that will be written, published and presented in a multimedia format to help raise awareness about different endangered species.

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Tim Clark
Vice President of Learning Innovation, SAFARI Montage

Ramsey Jr High School Transforms Learning with SAFARI Montage

studentsI recently had the privilege of visiting a school that amazed me with its determination to design a digital age learning ecosystem within its learning community. That innovative school is Ramsey Junior High School in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and it has a forward-thinking principal, Mr.

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SAFARI Montage
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Orange County Public Schools and SAFARI Montage are Awarded the 2015 Learning Impact Bronze Medal

The IMS Learning Impact Awards program recognizes the use of technology in context at an educational institution and the results achieved. Winners are selected by a panel of expert evaluators using a series of rubrics to evaluate eight dimensions for improving teaching and learning impact, including improving access, affordability, and quality of learning.  We are very pleased to have been awarded the Bronze Award for our collaborative work with Orange County Public Schools to allow OCPS teachers to perform a federated search of a wide array of learning materials to support personalized instruction using the SAFARI Montage Digital Learning Platform which is IMS LTI certified.

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Google Chrome 42 and SAFARI Montage Media Player

Please be advised that Google’s recent change to Chrome v42 (and later versions) disable NPAPI plugin support by default, disabling all NPAPI plugins, including the SAFARI Montage Media Player.


This change impacts desktop and laptop installations only and does not impact the use of SAFARI Montage with Chromebooks or Mobile devices using the Chrome browser as these utilize the SAFARI Montage HTML5 player.


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Mary Mason Royal
SAFARI Montage Trainer, Bibb County School District

Learning Object Repository Exchange Exemplifies Best Practice

One of the strongest assets of SAFARI Montage is the ability for teachers to share content in the Learning Objects Repository (LOR) with their school and district. Now this potential for sharing has grown immensely and has become a powerful resource for SAFARI Montage educators across the United States. With the introduction of the LOR Exchange (LORX) in the 6.0 update of SAFARI Montage, educators now have the ability to share their best, original, instructional content with other schools who have access to the LOR. Teachers will also be able to search the LORX and locate exemplary resources from other educators. Literally, we now have access to a world of best practices.

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